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Adam Sand Dec 31, 2022 8:02:00 AM 4 min read

The Benefits of Travel: Finding Appreciation in Home and Away

As an entrepreneur and business influencer, I always seek new ways to inspire and motivate myself and those around me. One thing I think that makes me unique is the amount of travelling I do, and one of my favorite people on twitter Alex Hormozi posted a tweet that really hit me!

“When you travel you either experience an awesome new place or you find a newfound appreciation for home. Win win.”

This is so true, and travel has been one of the most exciting part of my career. I have been able to visit 38 states this year and it has only motivated me to get out and explore the unknown. As we all know, the world of business can become oversaturated with projects that leave little time for anything else. Traveling is one of the greatest gifts possible as it opens your eyes to new cultures, experiences, people, and of course- rooftops! One of my friends once said;

"Travel is the best way to waste your money."

As a roofing CEO, it is easy to stay in my four walls and ignore the world outside. This year I had discussed with my partner that I would take 2 years to focus on RBP as they focused on some of the things that were a little out of my scope of responsibilities. 

Taking a break from my own roofing company allows me to replenish my inspiration, relax and come back feeling recharged. Traveling not only opens our eyes to the beauty that exists in other parts of the world but can also give us a newfound appreciation for home. After traveling, we are often able to see our own cities with fresh eyes – realizing how lucky we are to live where we do or appreciate something we hadn’t noticed before. This makes us more mindful as consumers and helps us be more aware of any potential challenges or opportunities in our neck of the woods as a roofing CEO. When I travel I am also able experience different types of companies up close that I otherwise wouldn't have had access too in my day-to-day life.

Making connections with other professionals in different geographic locations provides invaluable knowledge about best practices that can be useful when managing a roofing business back home. In addition, understanding how different regions require different types of materials or techniques to meet local regulations can be essential when providing customers with the services they need but may not even be aware of themselves.

Alex Hormozi’s quote serves as a great reminder that taking time away from work is essential for growth both personally and professionally as well as helps us gain valuable insight into another part of the world - often finding inspiration along the way. It's important not to forget how beneficial taking some time away from work can be when trying to come up with out-of-the-box solutions or simply taking in all that life has to offer - win win!

How can investing in travel help you appreciate both your home, your business, your market and the world around you?