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Facebook ads for Roofers

Dmitry has the highest standards for integrity and authenticity and personally tests vendors prior to recommending. For that reason we appreciate and are honoured to have the opportunity to be his preferred vendor for Facebook Ad Services. In exchange we are offering special pricing for his referrals on running roofing ads for you! If you would like to discuss how we can help enter your email below and we will get the PROcess started.  

Know enough to be Dangerous!

Teaching the Industry for Half a Decade!

The reason most facebook ad campaigns for roofers are a failure is because running facebook ads, and running a roofing company are two skillsets that seldom overlap. The roofing industry is a prime target for Marketers because a single sale of a roof can justify a monthly retainer of $5000+ and therefore the cost of running ads is linked to the expected result not the ACTUAL RESULTS. Yet the actual results are depending on a clear understanding of the roofing industry. As a fellow roofing company owner I know what works and what doesn't. Before hiring anyone, ME INCLUDED I suggest you watch this video and learn enough about managing a marketer to be dangerous and hold them accountable. 

The Key to Roofing Leads

Roofing Leads success on Facebook comes from specific videos and steps to the buyers journey that come from Teaching first and Selling Second. A huge component is our Video Strategy!

Empathy + Respect

Owning a Roofing company myself and having developed this strategy through trial and error means I have the the empathy to coach you through the discomfort of making video. 

Telling you to make video is what other agencies do. Here, we write the scripts for you, and virtually coach you through making them so you can achieve success affordably!

We write the Scripts

We have two Plans to make this work for you.

Two ways to Serve you! (on sale) 

By the divine right of "Cuz Dmitry Said So" you are entitled to special pricing on two of our services that are the most effective in helping Roofers succeed on the Facebook Platform. We want to see you succeed because as a Referral from Roofing Insights we want to maintain our great reputation and therefor we want to make it affordable to take the time to learn and earn with our services.

Fly me out and have me work with you and your team and teach you the keys to successful videos. I will record videos with you, but will also guide you for the future. I will show you and your team how to spot opportunities for effective videos, the 6 key scripts that connect you to your audience and how to plan videos to stop thumbs in the news feed, hold attention, and communicate your message effectively. 

On-Site Video Coaching


We run your ads and strategize your campaign for you. The $2500 cost for our Proprietary onboarding process is waived for Roofing Insights referrals.  This is an essential part of our PROcess and leaves you with a tangible structure for achieving successful marketing campaigns forever. You get a dedicated account rep and easy instant regular access to Adam Sand at any time. As well as weekly and monthly reports. 

Facebook Ad Services

$0 SETUP! $2500/month


Cooking up Roofer Campaigns that WORK!


Making a cake you need to have the pan and wisk. Our process also needs to get our tools in order. Access to your ad account, pixel, website, and give you our tools and train you on them.


Finally we execute the plan. We have a strategy call every month and plan your results up front. We script your videos and develop your campaign milestones to measure our success.




In the example of baking a cake you need the ingredients. For us thats your logo, brand standards, ideal roofing customer avatar and more.


– Mr. Leong, President, Kapili Roofing 

We are up 98% from last year, so we want to bring you back out for another year of improvements.

Let's Discuss if Facebook Ads are Right for you!

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In the reality of working with Roofing Companies....not every company is a perfect candidate for using Facebook as a platform for generating leads. In many cases I actually speak with you and point you in a direction that I think would work better. I would love to have the opportunity to at least help and SEE if this is a good fit. Click below to book a call. 

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