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Adam Sand Dec 20, 2022 6:12:19 AM 3 min read

"Re-Roof Your Life: How to Take Control of Your Future"

As the CEO of a roofing business, it is important to stay motivated and keep an eye out for inspiration. That’s why one of my favorite business influencers is Alex Hormozi. A successful entrepreneur and investor, Alex has a wealth of knowledge to share.

His latest quote;

“The person you want to become doesn’t listen to the people you’re listening to,”

not only speaks volumes about his own success but also offers insight into how any CEO can reach his or her own goals.

In order to become the best version of yourself, it’s essential to heed advice that comes from those who have done what you dream of achieving. It makes sense that if you want to be the best at something, you should take advice from those that are already where you want to be instead of those who are still striving for success.

Like any business–especially one like roofing which depends on precise technique and materials–having a good team of knowledgeable professionals is essential. However, many CEOs are often hesitant when they hear valuable advice from someone outside their team–especially when it may require stepping outside their comfort zone in order to achieve their goals. Listening exclusively to your team can result in stagnation within your business when you may need a new perspective or change in direction in order for your company to see continued growth and success. In other words, by constantly evaluating new ideas and advice even if they come from somebody outside your team can help keep freshness and enthusiasm alive within your company culture while also keeping an eye on potential opportunities for growth.

Furthermore, it is important not just what resources are used but also to focus on creating an environment of continual learning that allows each member of the team (including yourself) to learn from mistakes as well as successes that come along with being a CEO. Around this same idea, and taking this one step further — pay attention not just to what people say but how they act as well; observe those around you that have achieved their goals and study them closely — pay attention even when they make mistakes and learn from them so that when similar situations arise within your business later on down the road, the knowledge gained will enable quicker decision making without having gone through all the same struggles as before.

Being a CEO can admittedly feel overwhelming sometimes; however, taking advice from successful entrepreneurs can be beneficial both personally as well as professionally – leading towards personal growth while also increasing chances of success within your roofing business. It’s important not just which resources are used but also focus on creating learning environment where everyone can grow along with adapting occasional changes so there is always something new while still meeting essential goals necessary for growth along with staying up-to-date with industry trends too - leading all members towards reaching common goals together!