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How Steve turned $500 into $30,000 in 3 weeks with FB Messenger Bots!

Sometimes you can learn a lot from a similar business’s marketing strategy, even if that business isn’t in your industry. In today’s episode, you’ll hear my interview with Steve Loiselle, Owner and Founder of Lightning Media Inc. Steve had the same mentor that I did for learning about Facebook ads, and he uses that information on behalf of his clients. In today’s episode, we’ll do a deep dive into Steve’s campaign for a snow removal service. Listen to the episode to hear how Steve got his client’s business noticed, how he launched a Facebook Messenger ad campaign, and how he employed bots to keep up with the large influx of leads that came in as a result of his ad campaign.

Highlights of today’s episode include:

  • How Steve’s history as a police officer influences his work now
  • Where Steve got experience helping other companies attract customers
  • Who Steve’s customers are now
  • The power of finding a specific group to work with
  • Steve’s snow removal client, and how he was advertising before Steve got there
  • What Steve did to get his client’s snow removal business noticed
  • How Steve targeted the ads
  • Steve’s budget for the Facebook ad
  • Where the idea of running a Facebook Messenger ad campaign came from
  • The offer Steve used in the Messenger campaign
  • How the Messenger campaign began to generate leads
  • How Steve built and used a bot to handle the leads that the Messenger campaign generated
  • What Steve did to generate even more business following the original Messenger campaign
  • How Steve would advise a local service business that’s looking to hire an agency


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