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Adam Sand Dec 22, 2022 5:15:00 AM 4 min read

How to Not Be Poor: The Benefits of Investing in Quality Roofing

As a successful entrepreneur, I’ve admired the accomplishments and insights of many other business influencers in my field, but none more so than Alex Hormozi. As the founder and CEO of and, I have had exposure to following him since I was the owner of a Tanning Salon when I was 20 inside Golds gym. He has inspired and motivated me to push harder in my own business pursuits.

One of his most profound quotes is,

“How to not be poor: Say you’ll do something. Then do it. Every time.”

This quote speaks volumes when it comes to managing a successful business and is even more important for CEOs of roofing companies due to the daily challenges they face.

The key message in Alex Hormozi’s quote is that we should always keep our word and follow through on promises we make. When it comes to running a successful roofing company, this sentiment is even more critical because of the level of trust that customers put into their contractors. When customers entrust their homes to a roofing contractor, they want assurance that their job will be completed correctly and on time. Hint: INVEST IN DOING QUALILTY ROOFING!

A big part of delivering this assurance is having one's word be trusted by their potential clientele; therefore it is essential for roofing CEOs to always keep their word when making promises or commitments about a project timeline or cost estimate.

Another area where this message applies heavily for roofing CEOs is when making decisions about hiring employees or subcontractors for jobs. It can be tempting to hire someone at the lowest cost available, but being stingy can lead to workers being unreliable or untrustworthy in completing their work correctly and efficiently. While also keeping the roofing site clean. 

Therefore, it is important for roofing CEOs to thoroughly assess each potential employee or subcontractor before making any commitments – not only considering their skillset, but also taking into account reviews from previous employers and whether they have proven themselves reliable in meeting deadlines before signing any contracts with them.

Finally, when faced with difficult decisions or choices while managing a roofing business, Alex Hormozi’s quote serves as a powerful reminder that no matter how challenging the situation may seem – it is important for CEOs of roofing companies to stay true to their word and always honor promises made no matter what obstacles may arise along the way. Doing so will not only benefit customers who rely on your services but also provide invaluable peace of mind knowing you have followed through on your commitments every single time without fail! In summary, Alex Hormozi’s quote is an invaluable lesson in how successful businesses are run – but especially pertinent for CEOs of roofing companies as they must manage a variety of challenging tasks while constantly building trust between clients and contractors alike.

Keeping one's word at all times helps solidify customer trust while ensuring projects are completed correctly and efficiently each time!

Are you ready to invest in quality roofing and start building long-term wealth?