Should your Customers try to shingle their own roof?

Roofing Companies waste THOUSANDS of dollars on poor marketing decision themselves.

Paying lead generators to waste your time drowning in estimates, while using ineffective or outdated social marketing techniques designing by hired hipsters who don’t understand your business. Contracting agencies that do not your customers journey from the first google search to singing an approved estimate, and have never lived a day in your shoes.

Introducing Roofing Business Partner

Roofing Business Partner is a Niche Marketing Agency – owned by an Active Roofing Company – that specializes in Helping Roofers say good-bye to price shopping leads and unpredictable marketing, and say hello to a constant flow of quality customers on Autopilot!

  • Information Based Content Marketing trains your customers to want to buy from you, with less regard to price, and more concern for your quality craftsmanship!
  • Own the flow and road-map of your customers journey right from the 1st google search to the day they sign a work agreement.
  • Free yourself from stress and focus on running your business instead of worrying about getting left behind and losing your flow of new clients.


We offer three standard service packages designed for every size of roofing company and developed with the ability to scale from one to the next. We can help you pick one designed to fit your company – results vary by client based on multiple factors.

  • Brand Positioning and Awareness
  • Sales Skills
  • Competition Strength
  • Service offering and craftsmanship
  • Capacity to handle leads
  • Capacity to handle work
  • Existing content assets
  • Website and Blog Strength
  • Current online traffic and reputation
  • Existing technology for managing customer relationships
  • Social Media Reach and Engagement
  • Management commitment to growth and adapt (CRITICAL!!)

Our 3 Programs are designed for creating realistic and predict-able results by focusing on the 3 steps we have had success in with our own roofing company, and our management teams experience in other business as well. Pick from one of our pro-grams below and get started today!

The 3 Steps







Why does our System Work?

Roofing Business Partner provides a high level of service and predictability because we have done it ourselves. Our information based marketing approach is the best in the world because it cannot be copied, hacked, knocked off or short cut. It’s REAL WORK. We weren’t afraid of it because we were Roofers FIRST! Our method makes you be come the expert roofing contractors. The clear expert roofing contractors and the preferred choice to customers willing to pay a premium for quality craftsmanship. Of course… this means we can’t work with the people who don’t take good work seriously!

Our clients receive a protected market territory, including ourselves. We will not accept clients in our Target Market, and once you sign on we will not accept any equal level competitors in your target market.

Fee’s for our services Include Google- ad spending and all services listed. The only thing you pay for is your Facebook ad spend, but that is a daily agreed amount and is intended to be VERY cost effective. We fired our Google Team when we found out how much more affordable Facebook was, and built a Google strategy around optimizing our Facebook results.

Good Results take time and our Minimum Engagement is 6 Months


SETUP: $2000

Perfect for the small roofing company who already has a full service marketing agency they are happy with. This entry level service is designed for small roofing companies of 1-2 crews working seasonally.

This basic package includes everything you need to start optimizing your Google Agencies results into Facebook ad marketing that will deliver leads and customers on autopilot. Due to the large variety of marketing agencies and website designs this package has limitations In its ability to scale.

Increase Visibility with Audience Warming Awareness campaigns

Increase click-ability with conversion optimized ad programs

Begin your Local Expert Status with customized branded infographics that sell

Save time with marketing automations we set up!

Thorough reporting and daily accountability Increases results!

Telephone Interaction to learn more about your strategies as they optimize

Minimum 6 month Commitment

We manage your entire campaign, No excuses and no passing the buck!

End to end control so we can create predictable and repeatable results.

All the Increased click ability, and convertibility from basic package.

Now boost Convertibility with Content superiority and Custom Audiences!

Fresh off the press Totally Custom infographics 100% unique creative.

Weekly coaching and accountability calls.

CRM Software, you'll need it to manage your new flow of pre-qualified leads!

Automation and integrations to save you time and keep organized.

Full Service Google marketing with your own ad executive you can speak with daily!

Yearly weekend 2 day sales and strategy coaching session with Adam

1 Yearly 2 day Visit from Adam for Strategy, Sales Coaching, Process Streamlining.


SETUP: $5000

The EXACT method Adam Sand used to increase sales 40% in year 1 and 60% by year two and continues to maintain today almost entirely on auto pilot What you do NOT get is all the trial and error, wasted money, sleepless nights and thousands of hours of infographic development, heat map, split testing and knowledge building.

This package is perfect for the Medium sized roofing company that wants to gain predict-ability and scale In their company. Roofing company owners who want to finally quit working on roofs and start working on their business, you have found your recipe for success.

Every day you go to work with a plan, a process, and a system to install roofs safely, quickly, efficiently and predictably for your customers. We have taken that same level of service and work ethic and customer focused business to our marketing and pro-vide It to fellow roofers, In a protected territory. Take your roof-ing business to another level today!


PRICE: $11098/M0 + AD SPEND
SETUP: $20,000

For the Medium to Large Roofing Business that requires a full service marketing + sales overhaul or boost. Includes Cloud Consulting services to get your business Into the digital age. Many clients who fit the ideal profile for this service will likely have this program pay for Itself in streamlined efficiencies. We view this program less as a service provider and more as a temporary partnership.

This program Is by application only and requires an skype or telephone interview to determine a cultural fit as well as feasi-bility for success. This is only for Roofing Companies at the en-terprise level with a very large territory who wish to simplify by outsourcing an entire marketing + sales automation depart-ment instead of pay in house fees and manage a team of people.

We work with your top level management team to develop sys-tems and processes to guarantee results or we don’t take the partnership opportunity. Simple as that!


Additional Infographic Design

Additional Video Design

Additional Voiceover + Audio Editing

Reputation Management

Social Media Community Management


Full Service Modular Agency with mini-mal MII micromanagement or oversight required by management. Contact us daily, or quarterly, whatever you prefer.

Designed to give large bureaucratic organizations access to fast-moving, easy to pivot guerrilla marketing abilities In todays fast moving dynamic social world.

Video production Included to give you personalized professional messaging for your brand In todays most powerful plat-form. When Virtual Reality is mainstream we'll figure that out too!

Cloud services integration consultants on hand to help you eliminate old paper based systems. We find this single service makes your firm so much more efficient you can remove entire departments and pay for your marketing with the labour savings!

Non-restrictive access to Adam and his team of advisor experts in a variety of skillsets as well as quarterly 3 day, in person visits for strategy session and reporting.

4 Yearly 3 day Visit from Adam for Strategy, Sales Coaching, Process Streamlining.

Services Summary



  • 1 Landing Page
  • Facebook Pixel Placement and Integration
  • 2 Ad Thumbnails
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Report
  • Daily Accountability Email and Report
  • Basic Awareness Strategy + Ad Program
  • Basic Conversion or ReTargeting Strategy Ad Program
  • 1 Zapier Integration
  • 1 Branded Customized Infrographic
  • Single 1 Hour Monthly Call


  • Multiple Landing Pages + Funnels
  • 4x Ad Thumbnails
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Report
  • Daily Accountability Email and Report
  • Advanced Awareness Strategy + Ad Program
  • Basic Conversion AND ReTargeting Strategy + Ad Program
  • 4 Zapier Integrations
  • 1 Branded Customized Infographic
  • 1 FRESH OFF THE PRESS Infographic
  • 2 ORIGINAL SEO Juice Blog Posts
  • Split Testing
  • Cloud Based Daily Self Serve Reporting and Analytics Portal
  • Dedicated Marketing Executive
  • Natural Listing Ads (SEO)
  • Top Placement Ads (Pay Per Click)
  • Google Retargeting Ads
  • Email Marketing Program Setup
  • SMS Marketing Program
  • Top Rated Local ads
  • Full UXI Optimized Website Redesign
  • Website Hosting Included


  • Multiple Landing Pages + Funnels
  • 4x Ad Thumbnails
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Report (if Interested)
  • Daily Accountability Email and Report
  • Red Carpet Full-Service Marketing Agency
  • Ninja Tactic Lead Generation w/ Access to Global Leaders in Social Media
  • Custom Built/Programmed Cloud Based SEO w/ Custom Work Flows
  • 2 FRESH OFF THE PRESS lnfographic
  • 2 Matching 5 minute animated videos
  • 4 ORIGINAL SEO Juice Blog Posts
  • Split Testing
  • Heat Mapping
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Cloud Based Daily Self Serve Reporting and Analytics Portal
  • Dedicated Marketing Executive
  • Natural Listing Ads (SEO)
  • Top Placement Ads (Pay Per Click)
  • Google Retargeting Ads
  • Full Email Marketing Service
  • SMS Marketing Program
  • Top Rated Local ads
  • Full UXI Optimized Website Redesign
  • Website Hosting Included


No! Whatever tier program you pick you will have your service area protected against competitors. This is good for us and for you!

No, I will provide coaching and ways to measure your success and should you find that your process is not getting the results you are looking for as a team we can discuss how to improve your results.

Absolutely not. YOU are MY client, and I am coming to you as a service to immerse myself in your market area and understand the unique challenges of your environment and offer guidance based on my experience and knowledge gathered from roofers across the country.

It is very different for every market based on the competition current brand and domain authority however I would expect no LESS than $30 per day.

No, we are granted access to your advertisement manager through Facebooks business manager profile. You can remove and revoke access at any time and we will never have your payment information.