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The Top Tech Tools for Top Rated Roofers

Now that you know the basics of why a CRM matters, what you need a CRM for, and how to choose a CRM that’s right for you, it’s time to talk about some of the apps and tools that can help you make sure that your business is operating at it’s best and most efficient. By using the information in this miniseries, you may be able to drastically change your business for the better in 2019, so go back and listen to the last two episodes if you missed them. In this episode, you’ll hear about some of the most useful tools for your business and how you can get a great deal on getting started with them.

Highlights of today’s episode include:

  • Zapier, and how it can help your business by integrating apps and automating tasks
  • Which Zapier plan is best
  • How the Pipedrive app can help your sales team move leads through your pipeline
  • Benefits of using Slack for team chats
  • How CompanyCam can provide team members with relevant pictures for each projects
  • The importance of personally connecting with customers, and how BombBomb can help
  • How to get more out of Quickbooks Online


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Quickbooks Online




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