Roofing Business Partner Podcast
Part 2: How do you Choose the Right Apps for your Roofing Business?

A paper CRM is a good place to start, but eventually you’re going to want to move on to CRM software, especially as your business grows. But how will you know which CRM is right for you? In today’s episode, I’ll explain how I helped a few roofers implement CRM systems and create some incredible results for their businesses, like a 150% increase in work volume for one company, and a 22% overall reduction in payroll costs for another. Listen to the episode to hear the details, and at the end of the episode, you’ll hear how to use my CRM picker to help you decide which CRM is right for you.

Highlights of today’s episode include:

  • The relationship between marketing and customer relationship management
  • Why you may need to do more with the leads you have rather than just add more leads
  • Some of the pros and cons of different CRMs
  • What you need to know when looking for a CRM
  • The 3-tab shingle
  • How a good CRM can reduce errors and increase good reviews
  • The questions you need to ask yourself to get the most out of a CRM calculator
  • A free tool to help you choose a CRM



CRM Picker

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