Of all the tools that can help a roofer improve their business, the video tool is the biggest change maker. That’s especially true when it comes to improving sales numbers. But it’s not enough just to have the right video tool. You also need to know how to use it. What types of videos are most useful? What styles or scripts should you be using to motivate and inform your customers? Listen to the episode to learn more about the video tricks you should be using and why they work.

Highlights of today’s episode include:

    • Best tools for roofers
    • Why the video tool has been the biggest change agent when it comes to increasing sales
    • Common questions about the video tool
    • Why it will continue to get harder to stand out and motivate a customer for an in-person appointment
    • Using the video tool’s mobile app
    • 2 Types of videos to use with the mobile app
        • Instant personalized videos
      • Automatic premade videos
  • 4 Styles of videos
      • In-the-moment selling
      • Roof Walkthroughs
      • Instant Evergreen Explainers
    • The Storm Reward


Top Tools for Roofers

Bomb Bomb Video Tool Guide

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